Zoya means ‘Joyous, Loving and Caring’ in Hindi. These three qualities perfectly represent what yoga invites an individual to be. Yoga is truly a tool for positive transformation. The philosophy and practice are designed to help us learn about ourselves, root out negativity along the way, and invite loving-kindness into our lives. Yoga asks us to start with being. Start with being present, being here, and being now. 

A family business founded in London, we have all combined our skill sets together to create something magical; Zoya! Our intention is to provide premium, eco-conscious yoga products that don't cost the earth. We have crafted a range of yoga products that are simple, significant, and sustainable. Zoya aims to support you in your yoga practice and development, whilst supporting local communities around the United Kingdom and Mother Earth herself.

We are committed to being a conscious and climate-friendly business, which means working with intention and integrity. We are proud to say that we are the first yoga brand in the United Kingdom to exclusively partner with a carbon neutral fulfilment warehouse. Made with only sustainable materials and shipping only by ocean, we intend for Zoya to have no net impact on the environment. 

In order to make a real difference, we are working closely with local community charities in and around London, such as mental health charities, sustainability projects, and helping the homeless. We think it’s extremely important we do our part as a business and give back to our communities. As our business grows, we are very excited to implement our many plans for future donations and events. If you’d like your charity to be considered, please contact us. We donate to a different charity every month. 

From our hearts to yours, thank you for being on this journey with us. We couldn’t do it without you. 

Boundless amounts of love and namaste,

The Zoya Team